Is It Possible to Eat Sugar Without Getting Fat?

When you plan to lose some weight or at least try not to get fat, you are most likely to get all of the kinds of possible advice on the issue. And most of the advice would go like don’t it this and don’t it that, and, God forbids, if you want to lose some weight or stay fit, you should never ever eat sugar! There go the diets of superstars that avoid sugar. There go your relatives and friends who say that you should avoid sugar. There goes Google, which will also advise you to avoid sugar and anything sweet.

Look at that TV-star, do you think she would be that beautiful if she ate sugar? Look at those women looking for men online, do you think they would be that suggestive if they ate sugar? And you can still hear all that, despite living in the age of body-positivism. But is the sugar that dangerous as it is considered to be? Would you be surprised if we tell you that you can eat sugar without getting fat? If so, we can tell you, even more, you can consume sugar and lose some weight. Continue reading, if you want to learn how.

What You Need to Know About Sugar

Regardless of the hate that sugar receives, people never go into the details on how you actually gain weight consuming it. And definitely, haters will not mention all the benefits you can get from sugar. First of all, sugar is energy and your body can use it as fuel. Moreover, sugar has much more common with carbs than what divides it. Basically, the carbs that you get from eating vegetables and carbs that you get from a candy bar are quite the same.

You’ve heard about insulin, right? Well, that’s the reason why so many people believe that how fast a particular food converts into glucose actually matters when it comes to talking about weight loss or gain.

Yes, we tend to believe that the level of insulin is the reason why you gain weight. Thus, if you eat lower glycemic foods you will stabilize your insulin level and thus won’t gain weight. Right? Well, not exactly. The sugar is glucose, but you won’t lose weight simply by stop eating it. Nor you won’t gain weight if you eat it. The real engine of your weight loss is your energy balance and not your insulin levels. Thus, sugar per se is not that dangerous for your dreams of being in shape.

What Makes You Gain Weight?

Okay, now we’ve learned what really makes you lose weight, but what makes you gain it? The sugar paranoia gets you, as when you think about consuming sugar, you think about eating tons of candies and chocolate cakes. You may be surprised, but you are more inclined to get other health issues from that without gaining weight.

Gaining weight has less to do with what you eat, and more to do with your lifestyle. Yes, the number of calories that you consume may add your weight gain, but only if you won’t burn it. If your everyday menu consists of fast-food and candy bars and you do nothing but sitting on a coach – you are going to gain weight. Moreover, a few years in a regime like that and obesity may become your next stop. That’s because you have a positive calorie balance, which means that a lot of energy comes in, bit very little of it comes out of your body.

But you can eat all that while being involved in physical training. Exercises on a regular basis allow the energy to leave your body. That’s the main concept of losing weight – the negative calorie balance. You let out much more energy than you let in.

If you want to maintain a certain weight, you should opt for a calorie balance. Yep, forget about negative and positive stuff. All you need to do is to keep the amount of energy that you let in and out proportional. A bit confusing that positive = negative and vise versa, but there is nothing we can do. So, if you want to eat candy bars, you should not forget to do your exercises.

Why Sugar-Hate is That Hyped?

Okay, now, if the sugar isn’t that bad where all the hate is coming from? Well, there is no war on sugar, if you want. It’s rather a misinterpretation of the statistic. The point is that sugar consumption skyrocketed during the 20th century. Thus, the intake of calories had increased as well. We weren’t prepared for that and, at first glance, sugar caused health problems and weight gain. Yes, we’ve established that it causes problems only when you don’t let the calories out. But at that time, people did easy math and got that sugar means weight gain. And despite all the researches made recently, it is hard to make people abandon this belief.

Context Matters

Coming to the conclusion that sugar may not cause you any problems with losing weight if you maintain the negative calorie balance, you may notice that context matters. Just like simply eating sugar won’t cause you weight gain, avoiding it won’t help you miraculously lose your weight. So, context really matters. So, if you mind the balance, you may enjoy your candy bars as much as you want. But don’t forget that there are other health problems, aside from gaining weight, that your eating habits may cause. 

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