Best Beauty Gifts for a Girl

It’s nice to give and receive gifts for beauty. This is one of the most popular kinds of holiday surprises for the fair sex. In addition to lipstick, eye shadow and powder, women need a ton of things to stay young and fresh. These are different care kits and skincare products: from creams to physical devices. But to make the gift perfect, you need to consider several nuances. We will talk about the best makeup gifts for her present you an original beauty gift guide.

  • What is beauty gifts?     

The usefulness of good makeup gifts is what girls appreciate them for. Products and appliances connected with beauty sphere is what women use on a daily basis and will be grateful for. So, the next pieces of cosmetics and devices fall into this category: devices like electric face brushes, face massagers, health trackers, air humidifiers, technologies used for epilation, shaving, getting rid of pigmentation, manicure, pedicure, stimulating hair growth, beauty gifts like makeup (mascara, eyeshadows, foundation, concealer, powder, contour kits, blushes, highlighters, eyeliners, glitters, pigments, lipsticks, lipliners, setting sprays, primers, bronzers, eyelashes) and beauty instruments like brushes, eyelash curlers, kits for cleaning the brushes, makeup cases. As well as different bath accessories and products and body makeup and cosmetics: bath bombs and balms, face masks, patches, toners, washing gels, scrubs, shampoos, hair masks, body sprays, and even health vitamins and supplements. No matter who you try to impress: single gorgeous ladies looking for husband on dating sites or your old childhood friend, beauty-related presents have always been one of the best and functional.

  • How to choose right beauty gift? If you pay attention to the needs of the woman, it will not be hard for you to make a right present. Because sooner or later the girl will tell herself what she lacks and needs or what she has recently ran out of. What other tips can be used in choosing a beauty-related gift?

In order to make the right present, it is necessary not only to listen to your girlfriend, but also to carefully watch her. A great idea is to invite her to walk around the shopping center before the holiday and see what make up gift ideas she has, gently ask what she would buy, what she would like, and so on.

Before buying a present, analyze the tastes of your chosen one – what color she prefers, what fragrances she loves, what beauty procedures she does – this will help to see the full picture of the perfect gift. A lot of guys make a mistake by consulting with relatives and friends of their beloved, because, firstly, sisters or parents are not always aware of the girl’s true hobbies, and secondly, friends often just don’t know how to keep such secrets.

A gift shop for girls can be found on the Internet. There you can not only save up on sales and discounts but read reviews about a particular product, look for alternative options and tips for the guys like you. But before ordering a gift for a girl, it is better to look at it in the store, smell it, touch it, check the quality and then find a similar thing on the Internet.

  • Beauty gift ideas. One of the most pleasant parts of every pre-holiday bustles is the purchase of gifts for the girls you appreciate. We decided to make your life a bit easier and prepared a list of the top beauty gifts any woman would like to receive.


Healthy-related devices are also useful gifts for beauty lovers. Using these environmental sensors, you can measure humidity and air temperature, electromagnetic radiation around and nitrates level in vegetables and fruits. Such monitors will be of great help to those who care about health and think about what is happening around. Because beauty starts from within. Literally.

Bathing pleasures

Gift sets for the bathroom will appeal to any woman, especially if they include handmade soap with the aroma of fruits, berries, herbs, flowers, chocolate and vanilla. Gift soaps usually has original shape, for example in the form of a rose or a butterfly, and it looks charming! Bath bombs are also the best beauty gifts because of their low cost and versatility, so they can serve an addition to any other present.

Smart body analyzer

For example, Withings scales determine the body mass index, pulse, air temperature and carbon dioxide content in it. In addition, they store data about each weighing and allow you to fix goals (gain or lose a certain number of kilograms).

La Mer set of creams

La Mer company has gift boxes that collect all the most demanded brand products for any occasion. Each set is designed for specific tasks and a type of skin. This is one of the best beauty gift ideas – starting from a cosmetic bag and ending with a full-size versions of their legendary creams (in the classic or light version), and in addition to it there are serums, masks, eye creams and toners. The sets are issued in a limited edition and are the object of desire of the present and future fans of the brand around the world.

Aromatic relaxation

Another kind of beauty gifts for her are aroma lamps and diffusors, scented candles and home fragrances. The first does not only create a mysterious atmosphere in the room, but also pacifies, relaxes, fills with positive energy and happiness. Ad a set of essential oils to the lamp. To relieve stress, lavender, lemon balm, tangerine are suitable, for vitality – lemon, bergamot, mint.

Clarisonic Mia and Pro

These skin cleansing brushes have recently became popular all over the world, and now they can be purchased in any country. Clarisonic uses micro vibrations of the nozzle to clean the skin and remove dead cells, stimulating the derma layers from within: making 300 movements per second, the brush does not stretch the skin, but massages and cleanses. Before deciding about such gifts for makeup lovers, please note: Clarisonic Pro is suitable for cleansing the body, Mia – only for the face.


Feeling like a queen – what could be better for a woman? For instance, a uunique Bellefontaine caviar rejuvenation SPA program, which is fully developed in Switzerland will not only bring pleasure, but also have visible effect immediately after a visit. Pearl baths, a sauna, a peeling, an hour full body relaxation massage, a body wrap and face massage based on the caviar series of Swiss cosmetics – sounds too good to be true. Indeed, you can present your bellowed woman a certificate for such a procedure.

Personal Care: All Inclusive!

Gift certificate is one of the most popular gifts for women in general. These can be certificates in the perfume and cosmetics shop, for the services of manicure, pedicure, visage, massage or haircuts. Many women refuse to spend money on what they do not consider too important. And if a visit to the hairdresser or to a manicure salon is considered necessary, then chocolate wraps to romantic music or Tibetan massage with herbal peeling and subsequent unhurried tea drinking is considered a luxury. The luxury that you can present to your dear girl!

Foreo Luna

Apart from the cosmetic gifts, any makeup lover would appreciate a device designed for the proper cleaning of the face after all that ton of different products she wears every day. Foreo Luna is a more budget and travel-friendly analogue of Clarisonic. It is both an aid in cleansing the skin and facial massage at home. The device itself can be used directly in the shower, does not require changing nozzles and is absolutely hygienic. Everyone who has no time to visit a beautician, as well as a lover of travel and business trips will be obsessed with it – the device weighs only 100 g and requires recharge only every 2-3 months.

Basic makeup kit

Definitely the best among the makeup gifts ideas is a stylish cosmetic bag full of makeup. You can put thermal water, deodorant, a correcting makeup base, foundation, concealer, highlighter, powder, the entire palette of blush and eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow and lip pencils, several shades of mascara, brushes of different sizes, sponges and matting wipes inside it. Or choose just a few products. But believe us, this will melt her heart.

Fragrant jewelry

One of the fashion trends in the gift industry is flavored jewelry that many perfume houses produce. Usually such pieces consist of precious metals, genuine leather and silk, since it is leather and silk bracelets and necklaces that can keep the fragrance for a long time. Beautiful accessories with gold accents are produced by the By Kilian brand, which was founded by a descendant of the creators of the Hennessy whiskey brand.

makeup gift ideas

  • How to present a gift. Choosing the right gift is an art. But presenting it properly is a whole science. Let’s consider a few tips concerning this.

Gifts matter. Even if you have agreed that the holidays are stupid and that you will not give anything to each other for the next anniversary or Valentine’s Day, then this is the case when you should not obey this agreeing and, as if by chance, still make your girl a present. She shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in case she doesn’t prepare anything for you.

Act as if it doesn’t matter to you. Consider makeup gift ideas that are not so costly but still meaningful and present the surprise pretending it didn’t take you much effort. Let her feel that you were thinking about her even when she considered you do not pay attention to such triffles.

Always give the girl flowers. Even if you know for sure that after a week they will end up in the trash, even if you already prepared a gorgeous gift for her, flowers are a must for a gift ceremony. Just because it is necessary. And any girl deep isnide waits for them. A way to a girl’s heart lies through makeup gifts for her. And any other beauty-related stuff. Those are small things that help her stay beautiful for you and for herself. When a woman feels stunning, she radiates positive energy and feminine power. And what can be a better feedback for a man?

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