Beauty: how to save on cosmetics without saving on beauty

Beautynomics is a science that has recently appeared in the USA. It teaches to clearly calculate the cost of self-care and maintenance of appearance and implementing economy into your routine. Therefore, the emphasis in beautynomics is on the ability to spend less money on beauty and look bomb at the same time. Let’s find out which cosmetic products you can save on and which ones you shouldn’t.

First, you need to prioritize. For many, sacrificing a new dress is easier than living without your favorite perfume. But what if we are talking about cosmetics in general? Buy expensive foundation, mascara, lipstick or eye shadow? Or maybe all at once and spend 2 salaries? Beauty science offers a smarter solution, as with the relationship tips, our pieces of advice may be individual but we hope they work for you.

  • What cosmetics can not be saved on

Concealer and foundation

Tone versus color is a basic rule of beauty. It means that the products responsible for the tone of the face must be of high quality. The foundation directly touches our skin and is on it all day – it can make it flawless or nullify all efforts. Freshness and naturalness attract much more than a thick beige mask. The right shade, texture, durability, and caring components in the composition are important here. A good expensive foundation is the base of any makeup, so do not spare money for it. The same applies to the concealer, which is responsible for the most sensitive area of ​​our face – the area under the eyes.

Powder and blush

The dry textures that we apply to the tone must also be of high quality – have fine grinding and the right pigment. You do not want to get the effect of spots and dirt on the skin when applying blush?

Basic matte eyeshadows

Shadows are evaluated by several criteria: pigment and wearability. If the base can affect the durability, then only you and your shadows are responsible for pigment. Note that matte shadows are in principle difficult to work with. Therefore, give preference to professional brands if you want to do eye makeup with a matte finish. It’s especially not worth saving on the basic shades, which are usually applied to the crease of the eyelids – they will help you out in any situation and take pride of place in your makeup bag.

Liquid eyeliner

We will not argue with the fact that if you do not have skills in snatching the eyeliner, then you should not spend money on expensive liquid eyeliner. If you consider yourself a pro in this matter, then it makes sense to purchase not the cheapest option. The fact is that a cheap product can cause irritation and it is very dangerous to take the product that is in direct contact with the eye so negligently.


Why are expensive lipsticks good? Besides the fact that you want to squeak with delight when you hold an elegant bottle in your hands, such lipsticks have more pigment in their composition, so they stay smoother, last longer and are applied easier. While the cheap lipstick stains the lips and can cause irritation or at least dry out the lips. Both if you are a lipstick-junkie or wear it only on a special occasion – let there be at least one quality product in your purse.

Anti-age cosmetics

Many argue about the effectiveness of anti-aging creams, serums, and masks, but if expensive creams have an active composition, represent innovative developments and provide the promised effect, then budget analogs are hardly capable of more than elementary skin hydration.

Face and eye cream

The same applies to conventional face creams. An expensive cream differs from a cheap one in its good base, on which the texture and skin reaction depends. Therefore, the base of the cream is the key to reflection in the mirror. Do you prefer it to be of a blossoming beauty or of a withered rose? Pay special attention to another important area – the skin around the eyes. It needs special care already after 20 years old, and it is better to use only high-quality creams that have effective components in the composition.

  • What cosmetics you can save on

Shimmer eyeshadows

The structure of shimmer shades is more satin and sparkly which almost always allows you to achieve a smooth and even coverage without much effort. Budget-friendly shades look no worse than luxury and professional. In addition, you can buy a greater variety of beautiful shades for a lower price.

Contour lipliners

Let’s open a secret: almost all lip pencils are issued from the same conveyor. For example, many of them are made in Germany. Thus, it is more logical to save money on lipliners, take a few shades, or save money for an expensive lipstick.

Lip gloss

The role of a gloss is to give shine and seductive sparkling to your lips. It is not designed to stay around the clock. Therefore, you can choose a more budget option and reapply it every now and then.


Mascara is not a product which you should spend a fortune on. Everything is simple here: its price does not always mean the quality and, most importantly, the effect. Among budget mascaras, you will find many worthy options, and there are even bestsellers preferred by stars and makeup artists that do not cost an arm and a leg. They will give your eyelashes super-length, volume and curl for mere pennies. In addition, the mascara dries quickly and requires constant updating – this is another plus that goes to the mass market.

Skin cleansers Facial skin cleansing is the stage of care at which your wallet can finally breathe out and relax. Financial sacrifice is useless here, and saving is just the right thing. Firstly, these products contact your face just for a few minutes – you apply them and wash off immediately. Secondly, most inexpensive cleaning products have the same composition as their luxury analogs. Accordingly, it makes sense to simply select a budget product for your skin type. Another reasonable solution is to save on scrubs, peels and cleansing masks. For example, you can make a scrub at home or buy cosmetic clay at a pharmacy.

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