Work From Home with AVON For Only $15! Really!

To be honest I’m not normally a huge fan of direct sales programs.  I never planned to sign up for anything like this.  My friend became a rep and loved it and when she told me that it’s only $15 to sign up with Avon I thought it was worth $15 just to have an inside peak at how it all works.  With that $15 I signed up and was able to have my own Avon website up and running in about two minutes time.  A few days later I had a big UPS box on my porch that was filled with paperwork, order forms, brochures, bags, samples, and even two full size products.   All of it came included in that $15 even the shipping!
I’m not great at direct sales.  I’m not pushy and I don’t have the best social skills.  What I like about Avon is that I don’t have to do any of that if I’m not comfortable.  I can sell strictly online through my website by sharing my link.  If anyone buys something I get a percentage of the sales with nothing else for me to do on my end.  It’s awesome!  I can make extra money by just sharing my link! 
If you do like selling directly that makes the possibility for profit even higher.  Avon has been around so long everyone knows the brand and has favorite products so it’s an easy sell.  
I’m pretty new to this but it’s fun and I enjoy it.  It was only $15 so the way I looked at it even if I hated it I wasn’t out much and had a few new products to try that came in my welcome kit.  If you want to give it a go just check out my own Avon store HERE to see how it looks and click on the “Join” image if you want to get started on it yourself or get more information!